Netra Tarpana

Alternatively called "Netra Basti," aims to nourish and rejuvenate the eyes. The term "Netra" refers to the eyes, while "Tarpana" stands for nourishment.

Improved Vision

Tarpana helps in revitalizing the optic nerves and strengthening the muscles around the eyes. This can lead to improved vision and reduced eye strain.

Prevents Eye Diseases

The nourishing properties of the medicated ghee used in Tarpana can aid in preventing various eye ailments and maintaining eye health.

Alleviates Dry Eyes

Modern lifestyles often involve prolonged screen time, leading to dry and fatigued eyes. Tarpana offers much-needed lubrication to the eyes, combating dryness effectively.

Reduces Eye Discomfort

Whether you suffer from occasional eye discomfort or eye-related conditions, Tarpana can provide soothing relief and comfort.

Enhances Mental Clarity

Tarpana is not only beneficial for the eyes but also has a positive impact on mental clarity and overall well-being.

Precautions and Considerations

Pregnant women and individuals with severe eye conditions should avoid Tarpana.

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