What is Shalparni?

Desmodium gangeticum, belongs to the Fabaceae family. With a distinct combination of bitter and sweet tastes, it carries qualities of warmth, heaviness, and pungency.

Benefits of Shalparni 

Its diverse benefits span liver health, joint comfort, respiratory well-being, digestive harmony, emotional balance, and immune fortification.

Digestive Support

Shalparni's influence extends to the digestive system, where it kindles the digestive fire and enhances metabolism.

Antioxidants and vitamins, bolsters the immune system's defenses. Regular consumption supports the body's ability to ward off infections and maintain vitality.

Immune Booster

Its pungent, heating qualities work to alleviate congestion and promote clear breathing. Its bronchodilatory, expectorant effects make it effective against asthma and bronchitis.

Respiratory Support

Shalparni is celebrated for its potent hepatoprotective properties. The herb's bioactive compounds work synergistically to cleanse and rejuvenate the liver.

Liver Health

it helps the body adapt to stress and maintain physiological balance. Its ability to pacify Vata dosha aids in reducing anxiety, restlessness, and promoting a sense of calmness.

Stress Reduction

Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties contribute to the alleviation of discomfort, promoting ease of movement.

Joint Comfort and Mobility

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