This mystical substance derives its origins from blending natural elements, with purified mercury taking the lead as its primary component.

How to Make Ras Sindoor

The raw mercury is subjected to a series of refining techniques to eliminate impurities, rendering it safer for medicinal use.

Step 1: Purification of Mercury

After obtaining the purified mercury, we combine it with other minerals, such as sulfur. Carefully selecting each mineral for its specific properties.

Step 2: Blending with Minerals

We infuse mercury-mineral blend with herbal extracts. We carefully choose these herbs for their individual qualities, which complement and enhance efficacy of Ras Sindoor.

Step 3: Herbal Infusion

Often referred as "putta." The heat plays a crucial role in amalgamating the ingredients while ensuring the preservation of their essential properties.

Step 4: Controlled Heating

The amalgamated mixture is allowed to cool gradually. This aids in the solidification of it, resulting in a final product with consistent and potent properties.

Step 5: Cooling and Solidification

It is carefully ground into a fine powder. This step ensures a smooth and uniform texture, making it easier for the body to absorb the beneficial components.

Step 6: Levigation

Experienced practitioners and Ayurvedic experts meticulously examine the final product to verify its purity, potency, and safety for consumption.

Step 7: Quality Testing

To maintain its efficacy and prevent contamination, it is stored in specialized containers, often made of specific metals or clay.

Step 8: Preservation and Packaging

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