"Sapta Dhatu" – the seven vital tissues of the human body according to Ayurveda.

Sapta Dhatu and Their Work

Responsible for the transportation of nutrients from the digestive system to all the cells and tissues. It nourishes and provides the foundation for the formation of other dhatus.

Rasa Dhatu (Plasma)

Rakta dhatu is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, and vital energy throughout the body. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining body temperature.

Rakta Dhatu (Blood)

Mamsa dhatu is responsible for providing structure, strength, and flexibility to the muscles in the body.

Mamsa Dhatu (Muscle Tissue)

Meda dhatu serves as an energy reserve, providing insulation and protection to internal organs.

Meda Dhatu (Fat Tissue)

Asthi dhatu provides the structural framework and support to the body, forming the skeletal system.

Asthi Dhatu (Bone Tissue)

Majja dhatu fills the bone cavities and plays a crucial role in supporting nerve tissues and maintaining immunity.

Majja Dhatu (Marrow)

Shukra dhatu is responsible for reproductive health and fertility.

Shukra Dhatu (Reproductive Tissue)

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