The Procedure of Kshar Sutra

The Kshar Sutra procedure is a time-honored treatment used to manage fistula, a condition characterized by an abnormal tract that develops between the skin and the anus.

The thread is processed using various herbal medicines(snuhi latex, apamarga kshara and turmeric powder), making it a potent tool to aid in healing.

Step 1: Selection of Kshar Sutra

Before starting the procedure, the patient is given local anesthesia to minimize discomfort during the treatment.

Step 2: Anesthesia

Treated Kshar Sutra is gently inserted into external opening of fistula tract. The surgeon then guides the thread through the entire length of the fistula channel.

Step 3: Thread Insertion

The thread remains in place for 5-7 days, during which patient needs to visit clinic. Surgeon periodically tightens thread to ensure gradual cutting and healing of fistula tract.

Step 4: Daily Dressing

Kshar Sutra gradually cuts through fistula tract, allowing for the formation of healthy granulation tissue. This process is known as natural fistulectomy.

Step 5: Natural Fistulectomy

With regular dressing and the natural cutting action of the Kshar Sutra, the fistula heals from the inside out, leading to complete closure.

Natural Healing

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